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Acouba® Sound Insulation Panels​

Acouba Sound Insulation panels are sound insulation panels made into 50×50 plates with a special solution applied between 2 felts in our 2XG – 2XR and 2XB models, and between 3 felts in our 3XG, 3XR and 3XB models.

  Our product, which is applied without requiring any construction, provides an average of 45~ dB sound insulation at 1000 Hz and 90 dB in the tests.


Easy Application!

After the panels are removed from the package, they are easily adhered to the satin plaster applied to the cleaned surface with a notched trowel. You can easily install it yourself by watching the application videos, without the need for any expert.

With alternative applications, you can complete a sound insulation that will last for days in a few hours.

It is thin!

Acouba 2X models are approximately 1.5 cm thick, while 3X models are approximately 2 cm thick. While you lose approximately 10-15 cm of space with alternative applications, you can achieve the same performance with Acouba products at a maximum thickness of 2cm.

It is healthy!

The basic material of our Acouba product is Polyester Fiber Felt. Our raw materials do not contain substances harmful to human health, do not contain insects and also provide thermal insulation.

Rich Color Options!

Our Acouba XR models are created with the colors you choose from hundreds of color options.

Can be painted!

Since our Acouba XB models have a paintable surface, they allow you to paint them in any color you want without applying plaster.

It is light!

Each panel weighs approximately 1 kg and adheres comfortably to any surface and works with performance like the first day for decades.



ACB-G Series

Acouba G Series is produced by applying sound insulation material between 2 layers or 3 layers of Gray Polyester fiber felt.


ACB-R Series

Acouba R Series is produced by laminating 2 layers or 3 layers of Gray Polyester fiber felt in the color you want and applying sound insulation material in between.


ACB-B Series

Acouba B Series is produced by applying a dyeable process on 2 layers or 3 layers of Gray Polyester fiber felt and by applying sound insulation material in between.

ACB-B Series Pattern






ACB-G Series Classic Cartela & R Series FD Cartela

Classic COLORS


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