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We provide services in the fields of Acoustic Felt production, consultancy, measurement, project design and acoustic application with our honest and professional staff, which has made us one of the leading companies in the sector, in the light of decades of experience in the acoustic market.

Felt Production ;

In our factories located on an area of 80000 m2 in Uşak/Turkiye, we can produce polyester fiber felts, which are used as the basic raw material for all kinds of acoustic needs, in every density, thickness, color and formation.


Our basic vision is; quality, healthy, sustainable production.


In our factory, which obtains almost all of the energy it uses from solar energy panels, our Felt, Felt Fabric and Hard felt products, produced from up to 100% recycled Polyester fiber raw material depending on the type, offer quality and sustainability at the same time.


The most important point that distinguishes us from our competitors is the quality we receive from internationally accredited organizations; We have many health and usefulness certificates such as Reach, RoHS, Oeko-Tex, ISO, TSE.


With continuous investments, we test and perfect our products in the best institutions in the country. We continue to produce healthy, sustainable and quality solutions, taking strength from your trust in us.

Acoustic Consultancy;








We offer the experience of hundreds of successful acoustic projects we have completed with our acoustically certified staff to our customers as consultancy.

With our belief that our most important mission in consultancy is to mediate the right solutions, we serve you with the right product and the right solution from the beginning to the end.

Acoustic Measurement;




The most important start to reaching the right solution is correct determination. In order to detect the problem correctly in acoustic solutions, knowledgeable personnel and the right equipment are essential.

Measurement is an important element not only for problem detection but also for performance evaluation after implementation. We know the importance of accurate detection for professional solutions and we are committed to providing you with all the information you need on this subject.

Acoustic Project Design;


Acoustic Project Planning is the most important step before making an application. It is critical that every step is taken correctly during the project design phase. Thanks to the acoustic consultants and architects within our company, it has all the competence to provide the right service at this stage.

We offer you more than you need at every stage of the project, from product identification to requirements determination, from reporting to the preparation of interior design visuals and sections.

Acoustic Application;






The application phase is the final touch of your project and is a reflection of your sensitivity in combining both efficiency and quality with your design. An application entrusted to experienced hands will return you satisfaction at every stage.

Your project is in safe hands with us, with our expert staff and the experience of hundreds of successfully completed applications.