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Acoustic Solutions in Schools

One of the problems frequently encountered in the interior spaces of educational institutions is acoustic problems. Noise, echo, and poor sound insulation can distract students and teachers and negatively impact the learning process. To overcome these problems, you can get information about the acoustic solutions offered with izoBOZZ FeltBi Felts.

Why Are Acoustic Problems Important?

Acoustic problems can distract students and reduce their learning performance. Noise makes communication difficult in the classroom and prevents students from hearing their teachers or classmates. At the same time, echoes can cause unwanted reflections of sound, leading to audio confusion. This becomes especially evident in large classes or areas with many students.

Acoustic Solutions with izoBOZZ FeltBi Felts

izoBOZZ FeltBi Felts offer specially designed izoBOZZ FeltBi felt acoustic products to solve acoustic problems in schools and ensure that students have a better learning experience. These products address important acoustic problems such as sound absorption, sound insulation and echo reduction.

Feltbi felts are the perfect solution for classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and other educational venues. Moreover, the use of these products not only solves acoustic problems but also saves energy and creates a sustainable environment.

What are the advantages?

Noise reduction: izoBOZZ FeltBi felts help students focus by reducing noise levels in the classroom.
Sound insulation: It prevents noise from leaking in during lessons or outside the classroom, thus creating a calmer learning environment.
Echo reduction: Provides better understanding of sound by absorbing echoes.
Easy installation: izoBOZZ FeltBi seals can be installed quickly and easily.

  • Literda Schools
  • Sancaktepe - Şehit Uzman Çavuş Selim Topal Special Schools
  • Kayseri Municipality Conservatory

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