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All of our IzoBOZZ FeltBi products are produced from recycled pet bottles. The polyester fibers we separate from pet bottles are needle-punched and turned into felt using non-woven technology, without any chemical additives. Our products are long-lasting and healthy.


Our company, which sees continuous self-renewal as one of its missions, provides continuous improvement in every field based on the basic criteria of sustainability and health. Our company's aim is to continue R&D studies on sustainable products that are efficient and will create value in the long term.

Using Sustainable Energy

The roof of our central factory in Uşak and all other areas suitable for installation are equipped with solar panels. In this way, we obtain all the energy we spend for production from sustainable energy. Our brand is an indication of the value we give to you and nature. We are working to reach greener days together.

Our Goal

To leave a more livable world to future generations; Thanks to our 100% recyclable products, we continue our efforts to protect all of us in a way that does not harm the environment and people. We undertake to cooperate with all institutions and organizations in all kinds of efforts to protect the environment and ensure sustainability.