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Feltwall is our product used in heat and sound insulation and also as acoustic wall and ceiling coverings. It is made ready by printing the desired image on it for decorative purposes.

Our Feltwall product is wall and ceiling coverings that can be used by printing whatever you want on our 5mm and 7mm products made from polyester fiber felts.


It is produced using the desired visual or repetitive patterns, especially fixed colors. With a very simple application, it is pasted on the walls like wallpaper.


CodeShort DescriptionColorsDimensions
FW-07700 gr/m2  7mm~ P. Elyaf Keçe Tek Yüz RenkliFDW Color Cartela1,5 mt x 20 mt
FWA-07700 gr/m2  7mm~ P. Elyaf Keçe AplikasyonluDesirable Pattern1,5 mt x 20 mt
FWP-07700 gr/m2  7mm~ P. Elyaf Keçe PosterDesirable Picture1,5 mt x 20 mt
FZW-07700 gr/m2  7mm~ P. Elyaf KeçeBlack, Grey, Anthracite1 mt x 20 mt
KD-450450 gr/m2  3mm~ P. Elyaf KeçeKD Color Cartela1 mt x 30 mt
FV-07700 gr/m2  7mm~ P. Elyaf Keçe Varak BaskılıFoil Printing1 mt x 20 mt

* For the products Technical Specifications (TDS) please click the Code of Products.

Feltwall Patterns

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