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FeltBi Acoustic Wall Panels

FeltBi Acoustic Wall Panels. It provides the highest quality sound absorption, can be customized according to your project, in any size and shape you wish.


It is produced in the thickness and color you want. We use Polyester Fiber (PET) Felt to make Acoustic Wall Panels. PET

Felt is a material with excellent acoustic performance. It is healthy, odorless and mold-resistant. It is not a flammable material. It is easy to maintain and has a long life. Therefore, it has the feature of using it for a very long time.


It is designed in various shapes and colors in accordance with the aesthetic vision of architects and designers.


Our design and project team will work with you until the end of the project and will continue to support you during delivery and installation and beyond.

Feltbi Acoustic : Expert Solutions in Acoustics

As Feltbi, to offer you the best solutions in the field of acoustics:



We Produce Special Projects: We work with our expert team to produce special solutions for your acoustic problems. By analyzing your needs in detail, we design and apply acoustic products specific to your project.


We Make Special Product Designs: Standard products may not always be the solution. That’s why we design custom acoustic products to suit your needs and taste. We combine acoustic comfort with aesthetics by offering a wide range of options such as color, size and pattern.


We Use Quality Materials: We use the highest quality materials in our acoustic products. Our products have successfully passed acoustic performance tests and are long-lasting and durable.

We Solve Your Problems with Our Experience: With our experience in the field of acoustics, we help you solve your problems such as noise pollution, reverberation and sound insulation. Our expert team identifies the source of acoustic problems and offers the most appropriate solution.


We Use Healthy Products: Feltbi acoustic products not only beautify your spaces both aesthetically and functionally, but also offer significant benefits for your health. Our products are produced in accordance with international standards such as REACH, RoHS and OEKO-TEX. These documents confirm that the products are safe for human health and the environment.


With Feltbi Acoustic:


• A quieter and more comfortable environment

• A better audio experience

• Aesthetic and functional acoustic solutions

• Expert and reliable service

Types of Acoustic Wall Panels

Imaginations is starting here.

Color Flat Acoustic Wall Board
Fransa | Lyon

Digital Printed Flat Acoustic Wall Board
Fransa | Paris

Felt Fabric Covered Acoustic Wall Board with Construction Türkiye | İstanbul

Digital Printing Felt Fabric Covered Acoustic Wall Panel With Construction Türkiye | İzmir

Perforated Acoustic Wall Panels
Hollanda | Amsterdam

Two Layer Perforated Acoustic Wall Panels
Hollanda | Rotterdam

Acoustic Wall Panels Classic
İspanya | Madrid

Acoustic Wall Panels Color
İspanya | Barcelona

Digital Printed Wall Panel
İspanya | Valencia

Embossed Pattern Acoustic Wall Panell
İspanya | Sevilla

Colored Embossed Pattern Acoustic Wall Panel
İspanya | Toledo

3D Acoustic Wall Panels
Katar | Doha

3D Acoustic Wall Panels
Katar | Dukhan

Acoustic Wall Panels
İtalya | Milan

Acoustic Wall PAnels
İtalya | Pisa

3D Acoustic Wall Panels
Avusturya | Linz

3D Acoustic Wall Panels
Avusturya | Vienna

3D Acoustic Wall Panels
İsveç | Malmö