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Acoustic Sound Insulation Curtains

Acoustic felt horizontal curtains are a very effective solution to solve sound problems in offices, restaurants, bars and all areas needed. These curtains help make the environment quieter by absorbing noise. Acoustic felt horizontal curtains provide offices with a quieter and more efficient working environment. The use of these curtains is a very common solution to solve sound problems in offices.

Acoustic and Sound Insulation

Variable Weatherproof


Concentrating on developing ideas, making phone calls in peace and quiet, organizing a productive meeting. If you’re looking for quiet spaces, you’ll find them behind our sound curtains.

Noise levels are often high in places where many people communicate, such as open-plan offices. Our Acoustic Sound Curtains offer a solution here.


Our Acoustic Soundproofing Blinds are available in three standard versions: 3, 5 and 7 layers (individual sound certifications available). In standard versions, additional fabric layers can be added later to increase the sound absorption of BASIC and reduce sound transmission.

We offer a variety of fabric options for the outer layers of the curtain.

Available in a variety of color options, MID is a popular choice in office environments as it offers a modern and clean look as well as excellent sound absorbing properties.

Our curtains, which have a more special appearance and high performance, are the PREMIUM Series. The outer layers are typically made with an extra 5-10% fullness to create a visual undulation that we call “wave optics.” Wave optics not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal, but also increases the sound absorption of the curtain.

Perfect room acoustics: added benefit for every room

Noise pollution is a major disturbing factor, especially in daily office life. Technically speaking, noise; It is defined as unwanted sound that affects health, reduces performance level and disrupts communication. Given these factors, room acoustics should be part of every planning process to reduce employee stress levels and counteract long-term illness. In addition to improving speech intelligibility, proper acoustic design can also reduce noise levels, thus reducing overall stress levels.

Reducing the noise level in spaces


Unlike machine shops or workshops, noise levels in offices are not normally harmful to the human ear. However, persistent disturbing noise can negatively affect both the body and mind. Stress hormone levels, blood pressure and heart rate obviously increase when exposed to noise.

Basic Level Sound and Acoustic Insulation


Curtains in the Basic series generally provide basic sound insulation. These curtains are generally suitable for home use or environments requiring light noise control. They are simply designed and produced using standard materials. These baffles may help absorb and reflect some sound, but may not be sufficient for high-performance acoustical installation.​

Sound Insulation and Acoustics Together


Mid series curtains have slightly more advanced features than the Basic series. They are produced using higher quality materials and can be more effective at sound insulation. Mid series baffles are ideal for providing moderate volume control. These baffles allow more sound to be absorbed and reflected, resulting in better acoustic performance.​

Top level

Sound Insulated and Acoustic Curtain


Premium series curtains are designed using the highest quality materials and provide the highest level of sound insulation and acoustic performance. These curtains are ideal for professional studios, conference rooms or environments requiring high-demand sound insulation. Premium series curtains absorb or reflect sound waves most effectively, so they can be the most suitable option to achieve the desired level of sound control.​

ISO 10140-2 Acoustics – Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements – Results of measuring airborne sound insulation

Rw(C,Ctr)= 13 (-1; -2) dB

How to use of Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic control has become an increasingly important issue. Whether in the private, public or professional sector, the modern work environment may require the separation of different work areas or the creation of closed meeting areas. Our Sound Screens combine effectiveness, flexibility, aesthetics and design to meet the challenges and demands of modern workplaces.

Our curtain fabrics have an exceptional level of absorption that reduces reverberation times, ensures optimum speech intelligibility and also adds some warmth to the room.

It is the perfect choice when both excellent sound absorption and room darkening are required.

Acoustic studio curtains are specially designed curtains and are used to optimize sound insulation and acoustic regulation.

These curtains are used in all required spaces such as studios, conference rooms, home theaters, and help reduce sound echoing, block outside noise and transmit sound more clearly and cleanly.

Acoustic studio curtains have the ability to absorb or reflect sound waves using special materials and designs. Thanks to these features, sound quality and acoustic performance increase significantly. It also minimizes outside disturbance.

If you specify which venue you are considering making acoustic arrangements for, we can help you recommend the most suitable solutions based on the details of the venue.

Acoustic Sound Insulated Curtain Color Chart​

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