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Thermal and sound Insulation Solutıons

Wooden Roof Under OSB Thermal Insulation

Our izoBOZZ FeltBi felts, made from recycled materials, are used for thermal insulation on wooden roofs. It is quite easy to apply.


• Breathes. It does not cause moisture.

• Does not cause wasting.

• Easy to apply.

• It can be worked on easily. It does not break or deform.

• It is healthy.

• Provides high thermal insulation λ 0.034

Thermal conductivity value: λ 0.0331.
Fire Reaction Class: B-s1,d0
Water Vapor Permeability: 4.2
Apparent Density Determination (kg/m3): 67.1
Thickness Class: T1



*The values stated above are valid for the izoBOZZ FeltBi 15mm product.

FZ-1515mm1000 g/m²1m x 15mRoll
FZ-2020mm1500 g/m²1m x 3mPlate


* For the products Technical Specifications (TDS) please click the Code of Products.

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