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Under Parquet Insulation Solution

Your parquet is ice cold (downstairs parking lot, shelter, etc.) and a lot of noise is coming from your parquet to your downstairs neighbor. You are not at peace in your home. Your health is also important. What should I use, you ask? We recommend izoBOZZ FeltBi felts, which provide both sound and heat insulation at the same time. Our felt products prevent impact-related sounds from traveling downstairs. Thanks to high thermal insulation, your feet will not get cold. Your parquet will not collapse. Protects your parquet. It extends its life. It is the healthiest product. It does not pollute the air you breathe.

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-It does not burden the building and is light.
-It is healthy. Protects indoor air quality.
-There is no collapse in the parquet.
-It does not cause mold, moisture or black stains on lower floor ceilings.
-It does not transmit impact-related sounds (such as walking, running, carrying objects) coming from the upper floor to the lower floor.
-It continues to provide both heat and sound insulation throughout the life of the building.
-User and practitioner friendly
-It reduces labor costs thanks to its easy-to-apply structure.
-It is a breathable material. It is not affected by moisture. Protects the parquet.
-Since it does not cause insects or pests, the insulation material maintains its integrity. Indefectible.



Polyester Fiber Felt

Thermal Insulation

λ 0,0331

Impact Sound Insulation

ΔLw 27 dB

Fire Class

B-s1, d0

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