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Thermal and sound Insulation Solutıons

Parking Lot Ceiling Insulation

Car parks are generally located on the lower floors or basements of large buildings, and these areas may be exposed to both heat loss and noise problems. Therefore, thermal insulation and sound insulation of parking lot ceilings are important to increase the comfort and efficiency of these areas. izoBOZZ FeltBi seals are the perfect solution for such applications.


  • He breathes. It does not cause moisture.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It does not break or deform.
  • It is healthy.


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Wall Sound Test : Rw 52.5 dB.
Thermal conductivity value: λ 0.0331.
Fire Reaction Class: B-s1,d0
Water Vapor Permeability: 4.2
Apparent Density Determination (kg/m3): 67.1
Thickness Class: T1

*The values stated above are valid for the izoBOZZ FeltBi 15mm product.

FZ-077mm700 g/m²1m x 20mRoll
FZ-1010mm1000 g/m²1m x 15mRoll
FZ-1515mm1000 g/m²1m x 15mRoll
FZ-2020mm1500 g/m²1m x 3mPlate


* For the products Technical Specifications (TDS) please click the Code of Products.


  • Uygulama yapılacak yer öncelikle temizlenir.
  • Mantolama esaslı yapıştırma harcı veya saten alçı tavana sürülür.
  • Kalın taraklı mala çekilir.
  • izoBOZZ FeltBi keçeleri yapıştırılır. 
  • Üzerine file sıva boya yapılır.

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