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Thermal and sound Insulation Solutıons

Standard Ceiling Insulation

In home environments, izoBOZZ FeltBi felts are used as a solution for the cold and sound coming from the upper floor. Our product cuts off the cold that may come from the upper floor and saves energy.


  • He breathes. It does not cause moisture.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It does not break or deform.
  • It is healthy.


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Wall Sound Test : Rw 52.5 dB.
Thermal conductivity value: λ 0.0331.
Fire Reaction Class: B-s1,d0
Water Vapor Permeability: 4.2
Apparent Density Determination (kg/m3): 67.1
Thickness Class: T1



*The values stated above are valid for the izoBOZZ FeltBi 15mm product.

FZ-077mm700 g/m²1m x 20mRoll
FZ-1010mm1000 g/m²1m x 15mRoll
FZ-1515mm1000 g/m²1m x 15mRoll
FZ-2020mm1500 g/m²1m x 3mPlate



* For the products Technical Specifications (TDS) please click the Code of Products.

  • Uygulama yapılacak yer öncelikle temizlenir.
  • Mantolama esaslı yapıştırma harcı veya saten alçı tavana sürülür.
  • Kalın taraklı mala çekilir.
  • izoBOZZ FeltBi keçeleri yapıştırılır. 
  • Üzerine ister file sıva boya yapılır.

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