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Pipe Insulation Solutions

Pipe thermal insulation, insulation applied to pipes helps prevent heat loss. Keeping the temperature in the pipes of the heating system will significantly reduce the operating cost. The fact that isoBOZZ FeltBi thermal insulation and sound insulation felt used in sudden temperature fluctuations is not affected by temperature differences is very valuable for high quality insulation.

Features of the materials used in pipe thermal insulation

Since izoBOZZ heat insulation and sound insulation material also has breathing properties, it will contribute to the longer life of the system by preventing the formation of rust on the metal parts caused by condensation.

IzoBOZZ for Pipe Heat Insulation; With a usage temperature between -150 C and +150 C and a thermal conductivity value of 0.034 W/mK, izoBOZZ is the perfect choice for thermal insulation and sound insulation in these areas.

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