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Caravan Insulation Solutions

Healthy, nature-friendly insulation with izoBOZZ FeltBi felts. Enjoy the pleasure of solving your heat and sound insulation problems with a single material with our product. Keep the camping noise out with its sound insulation feature. Reduce your use of webasto even in the coldest areas thanks to thermal insulation. Avoid sweating on your windows. The right material protects both your health and your pocket in your caravan and Tinny Houses.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Insulating a Caravan?

The product to be selected must be certified.

There must be a fire class certificate. Fire tests are not done with a purse or a lighter. Ask companies for fire tests. isoBOZZ FeltBi felts are in Bs1d0 class. It is in a class that is hardly flammable and does not emit toxic gases.

Its healthiness is proven by Oeko-tex, Reach and Rohs documents.

The products used must be TSE certified so that you can be sure of the product.

Insulation cannot be done with every felt. izoBOZZ FeltBi felt products. Since it is obtained from 100% pet recycling, it does not cause any odor. It is not affected by water and humidity.

Not all felt provides the same degree of heat insulation and sound insulation. These are only proven by test results.

We have been serving as one of the leading companies in the sector since 2009. Caravan and Tiny House Insulation is done once. It is much more difficult to solve the problems caused by the wrong products used. Therefore, the correct insulation material must be selected when insulating. For more detailed information;

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*Harmless to health


*Does not cause condensation on windows.

*Indoor air quality is always high

* Being nature and human friendly

*No need for protective equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. while doing the cutting work

*Does not irritate or itch.

*No allergen

*Does not leave particles

High energy savings thanks to thermal insulation,
High airborne sound insulation,
Humidity insulation,
Thanks to the breathable material, the indoor air quality always remains high.
Easy and fast application.
Light product.
Environmentally friendly product.
It does not emit toxic gas in fire.
It does not cause flames. It does not drip.
Local goods production.
TSE Certificated.
All tests were carried out in TSE, an accredited laboratory.
Long-lasting, permanent insulation
Application that does not create a heat or sound bridge
Not affected by sun and temperature differences

CodeProduct DescriptionThicknessWeightDimensions
FZ-151000 gr/m2  15mm~ P. Fiber Felt15mm~1000 gr/m21 mt x 15 mt
FZ-40-600600 gr/m2  40mm~ P. Fiber FElt40mm~600 gr/m21,2 mt x 15 mt
FTZ-YPB-4040mm Felt Tape5mm~500 gr/m240mm x 20mt
ABABizofol ABA Thermal Insulation Material3 ± 1 mm150 gr/m2 ± 5%2m x 50mt
ABBABizofol ABBA Thermal Insulation Material6 ± 1 mm 240 gr/m2 ± 5%2m x 50mt

* You can click on the product codes for detailed information (tds) about the products.

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