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Geotextile Felt

Our geotextile felts are TSE Certificated. It is used to separate carrier heat and water insulation layers against cracks between insulation layers.

In isolation protection; water channels in drains,
on the ground and roads.

White and Gray Colors

150g 2m x 100mt
200 gr 2m x 100mt
250 gr 2m x 100mt
300gr 2m x 100mt
400gr 2m x 100mt
500gr 2m x 100mt

What is Geotextile Felt?

Geotextile felt is a durable, flexible and easy-to-apply material formed by mechanically bonding synthetic fibers by needling. Geotextile felts, which have a nonwoven structure, are products that we frequently encounter in engineering projects.

Features of Geotextile Felt:

Durability: Geotextile mats are manufactured from high-strength synthetic fibers. In this way, they are very resistant to tearing and abrasion.
Flexibility: Geotextile felts have a flexible structure. In this way, they can be easily applied to different surfaces.
Easy Application: Geotextile felts are sold in rolls and are very easy to apply. It can be cut and laid without requiring special equipment or tools.
Permeability: Geotextile felts have water and air permeability. In this way, they can be used in applications such as drainage and filtration.
Rot Resistance: Geotextile mats are rot resistant. In this way, they can also be used in humid and wet environments.
Resistance to Chemicals: Geotextile mats are resistant to many chemicals. In this way, they can also be used in acidic and alkaline environments.

Usage Areas of Geotextile Felt:

Geotextile felts are used in many different engineering projects. The main areas of use are:

Erosion Control: Geotextile mats are used to protect soil from erosion. It is especially used to prevent erosion on slopes and slopes.
Drainage: Geotextile mats are used to ensure the drainage of excess water. It is used in drainage systems, wall drainage and roof drainage.
Filtration: Geotextile mats are used to filter water and soil. It is used in irrigation channels, pools and ponds.
Separation: Geotextile felts are used to separate different soil types. It is used in road construction, ground stabilization and geotechnical applications.
Protection: Geotextile mats are used to protect geomembrane and other geotechnical materials.

Things to Consider When Choosing Geotextile Felt:

Some factors to consider when choosing geotextile felt are:

Intended use: Depending on the intended use of geotextile felt, products are available in different weights and features.
Floor type: Different products should be selected depending on the type of ground on which the geotextile felt will be used.
Durability: It is important that the geotextile felt has the required durability.
Price: Prices of geotextile felts vary depending on their weight and features.

Geotextile Felt Prices:

Geotextile felt prices vary depending on weight, features and brand. Contact for information.