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Acoustic Products

Low Density Acoustic Felt

It is a polyester fiber felt made from 100% recycled raw materials.


Use of Low Density Acoustic Felts in Volume Acoustics

Low density felts are felts with high sound absorption values. For this reason, it is one of the materials frequently used in volume acoustics.


Low density felts are widely used in sound insulation because they are a lighter and more flexible material. This material absorbs sound waves, reducing echoes and reflections. In this way, a better acoustic environment is obtained.



CodeDescriptionThicknessWightMax DimensionsPacking
FZ-40-600600 gr/m2  40mm~ P. Fiber Felt40mm~600 gr/m21,2 mt x 15 mtRoll
FZ-40-800800 gr/m2  40mm~ P. Fiber Felt40mm~800 gr/m21,2 mt x 15 mtRoll
FZ-50-10001000 gr/m2  50mm~ P. Fiber Felt50mm~1000 gr/m21,2 mt x 15 mtRoll

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