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Acoustıc Product

Hemholtz Acoustic Panels

It is the first device that made electronic sound heard by human beings. It was invented by Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz in the 19th century. This device, which can produce fixed tones in certain frequency ranges, was never used in the musical field due to Helmoltz’s obsession with examining sounds only scientifically.

The frequencies of these resonators vary according to the intrinsic vibrations of the air inside and the size of the hole. Since each resonator affects the amplitude of the sound wave at a certain frequency, they are used to determine the frequencies of the sounds that form waves consisting of the combination of many sounds.

Panel Dimension

600 x 1200 x 40mm

Wood Material

Effective Operating Range

150 – 1500 Hz

Usage areas

Registration control room
Home Studio
Production Studio
Hi-Fi Listening Room

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