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Colored Embossed Pattern Acoustic Wall Panel

İspanya | Toledo

Acoustic wall panels are wall panel solutions produced from high density hard felts, offering both acoustic comfort and an aesthetic appearance together. Acoustic wall panels with colorful embossed patterns offer the opportunity to bring your walls to life by adding a brand new dimension in this field. Apply it on your walls with rich pattern and color options.


Polyester Fiber Felt


1475 x 2950 mm, 1475 x 1475 mm, 1475 x 725 mm, 725 x 725 mm

(Maximum panel size 1450 x 2950 mm)


14 mm


FP Cartela


FD Cartela 

Acoustic Rates

NRC: 0,35 – 0,55

Fire Class

B-s1, d0


It is easily adhered to the application surface with silicone-based and synthetic-based adhesive.


The outer surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at low speed without applying heavy pressure.
The outer surface can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a damp cloth.

Acoustic Wall Panels Cartela

FP Patern  Cartela

Base Layer COLORS

Covering Felt Fabric COLORS