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Acoustic Baffle

Acoustic Baffle offers a variety of customizable ceiling systems that offer smart acoustic solutions that hang elegantly from the ceiling, ensuring the highest quality sound absorption while maximizing space.


It is an acoustic product applied on ceilings and generally produced using hard felt. The main feature of the Baffle product is that it is placed in the form of vertical pendants from the ceiling.


Hard felt plates prepared in the form of long rectangles in the needed color, density and shape are applied with hanging apparatus.

Baffle Panel Technical Specifications

Baffle Panel Color Covering Options

Baffle Dimensions

Akustik Plain Baffle Models

Model 1 Plain Baffle

Model 2 Plain Baffle

Model 3 Plain Baffle

Model 4 Plain Baffle

Model 5 Plain Baffle

Model 6 Plain Baffle

Model 7 Plain Baffle

Model 8 Plain Baffle

Model 9 Plain Baffle

Model 10 Plain Baffle

Model 11 Plain Baffle

Model 12 Plain Baffle

Panel Baffle Models

Panel Baffle Model 1

Panel Baffle Model 2

Panel Baffle Model 3

Panel Baffle Model 4

Panel Baffle Model 5

Panel Baffle Model 6

Panel Baffle Model 7

Color Cartela

Base Layer COLORS

Covering Felt Fabric COLORS

Acoustic Baffle Certifications

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