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3D Acoustic Wall Panel | 3B-DP06

B-DP06 is a universal acoustic panel designed to fit any size and surface. The asymmetrical pattern combines many different straight and curved sections. It ensures that any piece cut from the panel will have straight edges. This way parts of any width can be connected seamlessly to the rest of the system.

Always a good match
Having straight edges on any part of the panel makes work easier. You can cover any size wall without any problems and work around all difficult areas like corners and niches.
Moreover, the asymmetrical pattern allows you to play and create your own design.


Polyester Fiber Felt


Maks. 1350 x 2900 mm

Acoustic Rates

NRC: 0,25 – 0,45


FD Cartela, Classic Cartela

Fire Class

B-s1, d0


The outer surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at low speed without applying heavy pressure.
The outer surface can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a damp cloth.

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