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FeltBi 3D Acoustic Wall Panels

A Carefully Selected Collection
There are many ways to create your ideal space.

FeltBi 3D Acoustic Wall Panel offers a variety of customizable 3D wall systems that offer smart acoustic solutions elegantly applied to walls, ensuring the highest quality sound absorption while maximizing space. We use Polyester Fiber (PET) Felt to make our products. PET Felt is a soft yet strong material that exhibits excellent acoustic performance and durability. It is healthy and odorless. It does not tolerate mold. It is not a flammable material. It is easy to maintain and has a long life. Therefore, it has the feature of using it for a very long time. Feltbi Felt 3D Wall Panels are designed in various shapes and colors in accordance with the aesthetic vision of architects and designers. It helps create different and functional spaces. Our design and project team will work with you until the end of the project and will continue to support you during delivery and installation and beyond.

With the high sound absorption feature of FeltBi Acoustic 3D Wall Panels, Spaces Are Now Very Acoustic!

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Acoustic 3D Wall Panels | 3D-DP04

3B-DP04 is a universal acoustic solution suitable for every space and need. The panel is made of Polyester Fiber Felt, a soft and porous material known for its sound absorbing properties. The perfect solution for offices, open spaces and restaurants. Struggling with too much noise? Thanks to the sound insulation properties of the Polyester Fiber Felt material, 3B-DP04 panels offer a functional acoustic solution for offices, restaurants and other open-plan interiors.





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